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3D Printing technology allows the creation of high accuracy dental restorations - easily, fast and with low cost. You can choose between a variety of different materials according to the use you are interested in. There are materials for orthodontical applications, surgical guides or even biocompatible resins for prosthodontic usage.


Our 3D Printers portfolio offer high accuracy printing for every dental need. Also, there are friendly to use and reliable. The correct solution for every dental lab depends on the required productivity, the materials and the capabilities of the machine.

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FabPro raises the bar for industrial entry-level 3D printing, producing high-quality parts with lightning speed, remarkably low operating costs and unsurpassed ease of use.
3.707,60 € incl tax 1.720,00 € incl tax
Logo of the manufacturer of: FabPro 1000
3D Printing TechnologyDLP
Build Volume125 x 70 x 120 mm
Layer Height30 - 100 microns
Μέγιστη Ταχύτητα ΕκτύπωσηςUp to 21mm/hr
High resolution for those small parts where accuracy and details are critical! Based on DLP technology to achieve the excellent quality and fast build times. For small parts there simply isn‘t a better option than DLP technology.
3.199,20 € incl tax
Logo of the manufacturer of: PartPro100 xP
3D Printing TechnologyDLP
Build Volume64 x 40 x 120 mm
Layer Height25 - 100 microns
Product Weight11 kg
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