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Metal 3D Printing

The most common metal 3D Printing technology is Selective Laser Melting (SLM). It is used for prototypes creation and mass production. The range of materials used are wide and includes steel aloys, nicel, cobalt chrome, aluminium, titanium, etc. The end part has the same properties as the parts manufactured with other technologies.


SLM is similar with SLS technology. Both technologies use powder, and a laser sinters the powder together creating layer by layer the object. However, there is one big difference between SLM and SLS. Due to the constraints of the SLM process and the weight of the material, SLM requires support structures to be added to any overhanging features. 


The surface finish of the sintered parts is rough and, depending on your requirements, may need some post-processing. It is also common to machine parts to achieve fine tolerances and finish fine features, surfaces, and holes.