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Use this industrial Vacuum Former in order to make thousand everyday objects like cups and chocolate molds. The FormBox can pick up even the finest details of your design. Its time to bring the power of the factory to your desktop in the lowest possible cost today!
698,99 € incl tax
Product Dimensions (WxDxH)53 x 34 x 41 cm
Material CompatibilityCast sheets, Clear Sheets, Form Sheets
Enhanced durability for abrasive filaments. Upgrade to the wear-resistant nozzles, specially designed for printing metallic PLA and carbon fiber on compatible models of XYZprinting's printers.
Logo of the manufacturer of: Hardened Steel Nozzle
Διάμετρος Nozzle0.4mm
Give your creations a uinque feel by using the Laser Engraver Module.
198,40 € incl tax
Logo of the manufacturer of: Laser Engraver Module
The EezCure180 Curing Chamber outputs focused and consistent UV lights at 360° to cure prints made with photopolymer resins. The post curing process increases the hardness and durability of the printed products.
558,00 € incl tax
Logo of the manufacturer of: XYZprinting EezCure180 Curing Chamber
Stirring device for optimum consistency The LC-3DMixer is a roller/tilting stirring device for mixing 3D printing materials before pouring in the Resin Tray of the printer. Print resins must be mixed well. Only handshaking is insufficient for highly filled and colored materials. The LC-3DMixer should be used to thoroughly mix the material. When mixed insufficiently color deviation and print failures may occur. The NextDent LC-3DMixer keeps your NextDent 3D materials ready for use at any time at an optimum consistency. Always follow the instructions for use relevant to the corresponding material.
359,60 € incl tax
Logo of the manufacturer of: LC-3DMixer
LC-3DPrint Box is used to dry and polymerize 3D printing objects which need an additional drying and polymerising process. This unit is equipped with 12 pcs of 18W lights in order to dry and fully polymerize the 3D printed objects
1.860,00 € incl tax
Logo of the manufacturer of: LC-3DPrint Box
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