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XYZprinting Jr Filament Carbon Fiber PLA 600gr

Made from a mixture of PLA (polylactic acid) and carbon fiber, our XYZ Carbon Fiber filament lets you print 3D models with better impact resistance and an exotic finish.
34,99 € incl tax
Filament Diameter

A Maker’s Dream

Composed of PLA plastic and carbon fiber, our XYZ Carbon Fiber filament gives you prints with an attractive matte black finish with a slight gloss. With just a simple upgrade to our Hardened Steel Nozzle, you can create these exotic prints at home even with our consumer-grade 3D printers.

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Lighter but Stronger

Higher strength-to-weight ratio than regular PLA. Properties of carbon fiber make your prints lighter, more rigid (less likely to bend), and more impact-resistant. Beneficial for printing the parts of remote controlled cars, drones, propellers, frames, and many more.

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